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Al Hinai Construction is a truly multi-disciplinary practice, offering services in construction of residential and commercial building, elevator and escalators division and car parking system. We respond directly to our client’s requirements and aspirations in ways that fit the cultural, social and economic context of the project in hand. The company was established to serve the booming construction industry in OMAN. Our vision is to convert ordinary things into extraordinary results with the objective to win the customer’s confidence at any cost.

360 Care was founded in 2008 by Mohammed and Abdullah Al Hinai, 2 car enthusiasts who understand the needs of other car enthusiasts and strive to provide the very best customer service. The excellent, durable and aesthetically pleasing window film provided by 360Care was carefully chosen after a long process of research and testing to provide customers with top-notch solar protection. 360Care serves both automotive and residential needs. We also provide car detailing inside & outside with Body Paint Protection from scratches & Stunn marks.

First time in Oman, Mishkak Express brings Omani traditional Mishkak with Weston style. Everyone knows, along the Oman coast will know grilled meat as we call these tender grilled meat and chicken Mishkak. This is one of the Omani traditional dishes. The meat is grilled on a charcoal burner, which gives the meat a delicious smoky flavor. In this recipe, We cooked the meat on a hot grill and used minced chicken and beef.

Karak Express

Karak Express brings a Karak Tea in Omani style. A blend of black tea, milk, sugar, and cardamom, it is prepared by boiling this combination together on a low flame. Although no one really knows how ‘kadak chai’ became Karak Chai. The regionally popular Karak Chai instead developed into a drink that reflects local tastes by combining a spice common to both cultures; cardamom, as well as a mutual love for the strong flavor of black tea.


Working since 1993 with hundreds of stores around the world today, Yogorino is a well-established company that offers a multi-product menu: frozen yogurt, ice-cream, coffee bar, iced drinks, parfaits, crêpes and much more besides. A sound well-organized franchising network whose stores have a cool dynamic image.

Al Hassan Al Hinai Real State & Property Management has been a single family owned since 2004. We are managing several properties, purchased and sold thousands of rental homes and commercial buildings in Oman. We offer the finest Real Estate and Property Management services to all our clients.

We are now near to its goal and strategy. The strategy is known as Shared Vision and aims to rebuild the company and revitalize our company as Oilfield Services combining its previous activities along with involvement in new sectors for creative business interest in Oil & Gas Sector and other markets as well. A leading provider of integrated testing, rentals and specialty services for drilling, Production, pipeline, construction and process operations, We offer tools and services to improve productivity onshore and offshore.

The Healthy Kitchen is a healthy, quick, and fresh alternative to the other restaurant scene. We offer large, customized, made-to-order salads with fresh produce, premium all-natural, non-GMO, hormone-free and mostly local ingredients and homemade dressings. Love fast food but weirded out by all the chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients? The Healthy Kitchen is about to become your new favorite restaurant.

Welcome to Al Hinai Group

Al Hinai Group of companies established in 2008. The Group covers different sectors and a wide range of services. Each individual sector operates independently and specializes in its field of expertise. Following a tradition of corporate excellence throughout its operations, Al Hinai Group performance and exceeding customer expectations through innovation, efficiency, and reliability. The core of our business is to enable businesses in the region to optimize their potentials and achieve their goals through latest software solutions, innovative marketing techniques, and state-of-the-art networking.

We enter into fruitful partnerships with our customers, to enhance the productivity of their processes, boost their visibility in the market, and augment the overall profitability of their businesses. Being in the fields of construction, Elevator division, Restaurant, Car service center and Coffee Shops. Al Hinai Group provides a one-stop solution for all your construction and another sector for the client’s needs at the given budget.


Core Values

Our Sectors have been instilled across various facets of our business and impel us to succeed further.


The status of every organization thrives on reputation that arises beyond mere achievements or market performance. The cornerstone of our business is integrity which defines our core values.

Customer Satisfaction

A hallmark of our service across all our divisions is our customer-centric approach and the value we create for our customers. We endeavour to develop optimum communication that enables us to offer the best service and superior products to our clients.

Commitment to Quality

We believe that providing premium quality services, products and facilities to our customers and partners is an integral part of our credo. To this end, we have instilled the habit of assessing our clients’ needs and applying the best practice, technology and services.


We aim to employ the highest calibre of experts and skilled employees and we aim to empower them by helping enhance their professional acumen through training and fostering an encouraging work environment.

Our History

Al Hinai Group, one of the most diversified and fast growing business enterprises in the Oman, was founded in 2004 by an exceptional visionary, Mr. Al Hassan Al Hinai

The company further made phenomenal progress after the entry of Mr. Mohammed Al Hinai and Mr. Abdullah Al Hinai in 2008, who is presently the Chairman and Managing Director of the group. And have developed with a strong presence in core activities such as construction, 360 care, Property Management and Property Maintenance, Restaurants, Elevator and Escalator Division, Car Parking System, Coffee Shops.

Al Hinai Group, with its commitment to quality in its quest for constant excellence in all its ventures, has earned a remarkable position in the market. Al Hinai Group with almost one decade of strategic planning, inherent ability to identify opportunities added with its adaptability to changing the market environment, has entrenched itself as a leader in the region’s progressive market.