Al Hinai Construction LLC

AL HINAI is a truly multi-disciplinary practice, offering services in construction of residential and commercial building, elevator and escalators division and car parking system. We respond directly to our client’s requirements and aspirations in ways that fit the cultural, social and economic context of the project in hand. The company was established to serve the booming construction industry in OMAN.

Our vision is to convert ordinary things into extraordinary results with the objective to win the customer’s confidence at any cost. To enable our customers to open new doors and to create a new business with full confidence on us to deliver best results no matter how complex the project is.

At AL HINAI GROUP the human resource policy is very much employee-centric leaving every employee content and satisfied as we strongly feel contentment leads to better performance.

Elevator and Escalator


Practicality and aesthetics are perfectly in combination with high energy saving efficiency, safety standard, ergonomics, environmental friendly and comfortable riding space.


Panoramic lift is suitable for hotels, shopping mall, office building, private residential building and other public infrastructure that ideally designing for the urbanisation of trendy & safety transparency outlook. This moving panoramic lift cabin design concept is sophistically give the possession of vitality and elegant to the building with exclusive view enjoyment to the passenger.



Our heavy duty lift has synergized the technology to enhance the quality performance in reducing the failure operations rate with design advantages of rigorous structure, structural durability, large door opening size, safe and smooth operations for factory, warehouse, shopping mall, logistic center, library and other loading bay in transporting commodity.


In emphasizing, hospital lift has to have a serious target of achieving requirement with the reinforcement in safety and efficiency operations to minimize the failure rate from daily emergency routine time to time. A professional medical center vertical transportation design.

Car Parking Elevator

Europe car elevator is an ideal parking and vertical transport equipment for the parking lot, car repair plants, car garages etc.
Europe car elevator adopts the mature car elevator technology. It has been developed and produced per the special characteristics of the car products. Europe car elevator strong technical capacity completely solves the technical obstacle of the noise and car shaking caused by the heavier load of the traction machine system due to uneven force bearing to the car. It optimizes the features of these goods.

Europe car elevator features as the concise types of equipment and the simple operation. It can have multiple uses in the same berth space with small coverage area. It is applicable for various occasions with the easy and quick entry and exit, the large car area. It is more fit for parking various cars.

Ford energy is used as a synonym of energy resources, and most often refers to substances like fuels, petroleum products and electricity in general. These are sources of usable energy, in that they can be easily transformed to other kinds of energy sources that can serve a particularly useful purpose.